AC Basic Service 4 To 5 Ton

৳ 1,200.00 ৳ 1,000.00



Service Overview:
AC Master service includes AC filter and net cleaning, full deep cleaning of indoor and outdoor units. This service also offers a full inspection of AC and also fixes the minor problems (excluding parts and materials). The service charge might change depending on the weight, height, and condition of the AC.

Safety Ensured:
COVID-19 Measurements’s employees are making the utmost efforts to deal with the current Covid-19 situation. We are trying our best to take all the necessary precautions whilst maintaining
All the hygiene of our employees/Resources while serving our customers.
We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our customers, stakeholders, and all those we are fortunate enough to serve.
We have taken the following crisis mitigation measures.
Encouraging regular hand washing or use of hand sanitizer by all of our employees while visiting our customers.
Checking the health condition of our resources before sending them for Service Delivery ( for both anamenterprise.comServices and Properties ).
Making sure our resources use masks while going outside and encouraging them to cover their face with the bend of their elbow or tissue if they cough or sneeze.
Trying to avoid unnecessary daily contacts and maintaining proper social distance protocols while coming into close contact with our clients.
What To Expect:
Only service charge.
Get 7days after service warranty.
We provide house and office both AC service.
If our technicians reach your order-place and you do not avail the service then all you need to pay the visiting charge 100TK only.
If any damage occurs during providing the service by our technicians then you will get proper compensation after proper investigation.
You may provide us required materials or parts for servicing.
Cleaning materials will be provided by
What Not To Expect:
The price of required materials or parts for servicing
The warranty is given by the manufacturer
The transportation cost of required material or parts
If we need to take your AC to our workshop regarding repairing issues then you need to pay the transportation cost.
Any payment before availing of the service.
How To Order/ Easy Booking:
“ Three Easy Steps And Get Your Desired Service”
Select service
Set your time
Confirm the Order


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