General 5 Ton Ceiling Type Ac price in Bangladesh I ABG54AB I

৳ 192,000.00 ৳ 185,000.00



Fujitsu General Ltd. (Japan), Made in Thailand.
British Thermal Unit Tested.
Self-Imported, Since
Air Swing System Double.
Negative air ions deodorizing filter.
Eco-friendly Service.
3 D Airflow & Auto Restart Function.
Higher Energy Efficiency Ratio.
Self Diagnosis with Digital Display.

Contact: 01780429693General Ceiling Ac 5 Ton price Bangladesh
General split ceiling Air conditioner is Eco-friendly and environment friendly invention. It is initially Fujitsu General Ltd of Japan but General Ceiling Ac 5 Ton price Bangladesh produce in the Thailand. We know, Fujitsu General Ltd is the first and world famous manufacturer in the Japan, Osaka. This is the fresh and innovated artifact of General Ac Company. General Air Conditioning Company always releases latest creation.
For that reason, we know General 5 Ton ceiling type air Conditioner price Bangladesh is new-fangled technologies item. Extreme cooling conditions and long time service assurance is major key of General ceiling Air conditioner. This is the industrial merchandise due to it is apply in larger space. For example: office, shopping mall, shop, Hospital, mosque, restaurant, industry and hotel or resort. General ceiling Type Air conditioner 5 ton price Bangladesh is 540000 with ABG54AB. There are bundle of world class customer friendly features those are confirm General Air conditioner is first quality cooler.
General ceiling Type Air conditioner 5 ton price Bangladesh
If you go to market for air conditioner then you will see group of brand but General is top brand quality product. General ceiling Ac 5 ton price Bangladesh is top selling piece. Most of the buyer is now buying General 5 Ton ceiling ac price bd for higher cooling. There are several special skin tone: Smart Energy Saving Mode, Noise Level Indoor extremely Low, Super Quiet, Auto Clean and Washable filter, Eco-Friendly System, Compact & Smart Shape, Air Filter: Anti-Fungus & Bactria, High Efficiency, 3D Airflow, Comfortable Mode, Intelligent Eye, Air Purifying Function, Remote Controller with backlit display, LED Wireless Remote Control, 24 Hour On/Off Timer, Auto Restart after Power Failure, Self Diagnosis with Digital Display.
Moreover, General 5 Ton ceiling Air conditioner is extreme cooling boss cooler. It has different distinguishing features and product authenticity. You may acquire it with confidently. We do not use illegal label or sticker because of this is our original Fujitsu General Ac in Bangladesh. We are importer, Authorized Dealer, Distributor of General Ceiling Type Air Conditioner 5 ton price Bangladesh.




Special Key Features:-
Corrosion Resistant Body.
33% Large Heat exchanger.
High Airflow for better cooling.
Up/Down Swing Flaps.
Quiet Operation.
Program Timer.
Anti corrosion treatment for ODU .
Heat exchanger fins.
Automatic airflow adjustment.
Sleep Timer.
Weekly+ setback Timer.
Auto shut Flaps.
Inner groove Copper tube.
Powder coated out-door unit.
Compressor insulation Blanket.
High efficiency design by 2 stage structure.
2-Way Airflow System.
Suitable for High Ceiling.
Extremely Quiet.

Fujitsu General Ltd (Japan).
Assembled by
New Modle
Exact BTU
Coverage Space
450 (Sft)
Energy Saving Unit
Smart Energy Saving Mode (Neno)
Star Rating
* * * * *
Cooling Capacity 1

Cooling Capacity 2

Moisture Removal

Airflow- High 1

Airflow- High 2

Power Supply

Running Current AMP

Power Consumption


Indoor Unit Net Weigh

Outdoor Unit Net weight

Noise Level (Indoor Unit)

Pipe Length Maximum

Operating Temperature

R-22 (Gas)
Scroll Technology.
2 Years Compressor & 1 year Free service with spare parts. (Not Dust Clean).


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