General Ac 4 Ton Ceiling Type price Bangladesh I ABG45AB I

৳ 182,000.00 ৳ 176,000.00



Ceiling Type

Fujitsu General Ltd. (Japan), Made in Thailand.
British Thermal Unit Tested.
Self-Imported, Since
Eco-Friendly System.
Air Filter: Auto Clean & Anti-Fungus & Bacteria.
Energy Efficient Ratio High.
Cooling Capacity High.
Intelligent Eye.

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“General Ac 4 Ton Ceiling Type price Bangladesh”
General AUG48AB 4 ton ceiling air conditioner is popular in Bangladesh because it is use in office or shop. It may covered required space since it has accurate BTU (British Thermal Unit). “General ceiling type air conditioner price Bangladesh” is top selling item and its excellent performance. It is our imported product from Thailand and not only original product but also it comes full intact position from Thailand. We import it about 28 years in Bangladesh; we have 32 years business reputation in Bangladesh. You can order in our online store.
Special Features:-General Air conditioner 4 ton price Bangladesh
Dehumidification function.
Moister Remover nice.
Durable & long life use.
Smart Energy Saving Mode.
Super condenser unit.
Intake Gas.
Pearl color AC Unit.
Noise Level Indoor extremely Low.
Auto Clean and Washable filter.
Negative air ions deodorizing filter.
Strong indoor & Out Door.
Comfortable Mode.
Intelligent Eye.
Automatic Operation.
Deodorizing Function.
Air Purifying Function.
LED Wireless Remote Control.
24 Hour On/Off Timer.
Auto Restart after Power Failure.
Self Diagnosis with Digital Display.
High Efficiency.
3D Airflow.




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