Vrf System Air conditioner in Bangladesh CMV-X



Chigo Air Conditioning Co Ltd.
CHIGO Group,Guangdong,China.
British Thermal Unit Tested.
Self imported,
Self Diagnosis System.
Eco-Friendly manufacturing.
Energy Saving Mode High
Contact: 01780429693


“Vrf system ac supplier,importer and dealer in Bangladesh”
Vrf is the commercial air conditioner. You can use it in your office, factory, market and resturant. It is very low cost than room air conditioner.It is very easy to use with other facilities. Chigo Vrf air conditioner is distingushing product because it has huge or grate user experience. Chigo HVAC product is reputed in world wide in order to that chigo product is now export in 200 country with reputately. You can buy it for your organization or factory or market keep cooling. This is your grate facilitites for you, for best product with low price.
Some Special Features:-
Power consumption High.
Eco environment friendly manufactured.
Low EER.
Easy user manual.
Auto Air refresher system.



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